Saturday, February 18, 2012

Francis McDormand Gives a Mean Sock in the Chin

We at Papillon va la Voiture have spoken with many concerned about the obvious decay of moral fiber and rationality which will soon turn our modern society into that which resembles that fuzzy thing you grew in science class.  (and set loose on your enemies.)  Now it is hard to not feel a bit of anxiety about the coming collapse of order but for us, we view this with excitement.

Consider this, while you may sometimes fear for your personal safety as pandemonium ensues, you will finally be able to get back at your punk ass neighbor who forever ago "borrowed" your power drill and every time you ask for it back he insists that he needs it to finish the deck in his back yard. (Seriously, it's just a pile of wood, man.) Well soon you can just break in and take back your drill, probably also his collection of "Medieval Times" steins and that creepy stuffed raccoon.  In addition, think of all the other new freedoms you will have including, but not limited to:

- Arson
- Military Coups
   How's this sound, "Grand Master General YOU!"
- Ritualistic human sacrifices
    Hell yeah!

So while it might be frightening to think of a future resembling "Mad Max" (a good research source, by the way.) it's important to look at the bright side of all situations, even if it includes running into this guy

"Baby you're a firework."

The Gentlemen
-Andrew Martin Dodson
-Kevin Michael Shiley